Traditional technologies such as firewalls, anti-virus and log management (SIEM) are a good first line of defense, but they cannot adequately protect against today’s cyber threats. If you want to get serious about cybersecurity, you must combine “prevention” efforts with detection and response.

Common Issues that Organizations Face:

  • Blind spots across mobile, physical and virtual endpoints
  • Limitations of traditional prevention, patching and user awareness
  • Complexity of ongoing management and tuning
  • Increasing susceptibility to known and evasive attacks
  • Lack of advanced detection and forensic capabilities
  • Resources required to monitor, hunt and investigate
  • Alert fatigue: Chasing too many false positives
  • Prolonged incident dwell times

How We Can Help:

  • Rapid deployment and quick time to value
  • Optimized and hardened state of endpoint defense
  • Elimination of physical and virtual endpoint blindspots
  • Blocking of known, unknown and file-less attacks
  • Detection of elusive attackers and zero-day threats
  • Isolation of compromised endpoints preventing lateral spread
  • Reduction in OpEx cost and resource demands
  • Minimized incident recovery timeframe
  • Improvement in overall security posture

Real-time network threat detection and prevention
esNETWORK captures and analyzes all network traffic to support real-time detection and response to both known and unknown cyber threats. esNETWORK’s threat intelligence, black-listing and IPS/IDS functionality detect and block known threats. Its advanced behavior-based anomaly detection alerts and assists eSentire SOC analysts with hunting, investigating and containing attacks that have bypassed all other security controls.

Next-gen endpoint protection and threat detection
esENDPOINT powered by Carbon Black™ eliminates endpoint blind spots, providing continuous real-time, next-gen endpoint detection and response capabilities that assist eSentire SOC analysts in hunting, investigating and containing attacks before they become business disrupting.

Purpose-built log management for MDR
esLOG is the first and only MDR logging and event management service that supports real-time threat detection and response across your network, endpoints and cloud services. esLOG offers the full security log and event aggregation capabilities of a SIEM without the traditional management complexity and cost.

Integrated MDR vulnerability scanning
esRECON is a fully-managed vulnerability management service that scans your entire infrastructure – servers, databases, endpoints and web applications – to discover security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber-attackers. eSentire experts deliver actionable insight, guidance and prioritization of remediation and patching efforts to keep organizations safe.

Trusted expertise, customized for your organization
eSentire Advisory Services provides security expertise only time in the trenches can forge, delivering valuable insights and strategic direction to all levels of your business, from the IT department to the boardroom. With Advisory Services, you have instant access to dedicated experts who work with you to build and mature your cybersecurity program, conduct regular assessments to ensure efficacy of your technical controls and perform advanced Risk Assessments.