We implement highly specialized solutions, that meet the unique technology needs of a broad range of industries.


ProLogic understands that government agencies have rapidly evolving needs for effective and comprehensive technology solutions. We seek to meet those needs through the design, development, and implementation of modern systems in the public sector ranging from local governments to national agencies.

ProLogic ITS has extensive experience with government contracts providing technology solutions. We understand the nuances of the purchasing process in this sector as well as the complex security and compliance requirements.

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Nothing emphasizes the impact of business like a comprehensive technology solution. At ProLogic ITS, we understand the technology needs of the business world and the pace at which these needs grow and change. Hence, we are equipped to provide the systems and resources businesses need to become more efficient and more competitive than ever.

Companies have to keep pace with the mobile productivity that modern employees require at the office, in the boardroom, on the road and out in the field. Let ProLogic design and support a solution that will provide your workforce with the hardware, networking and security protection necessary to manage today’s modern, mobile workforce.
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With over a decade of experience providing industry-leading solutions in the education sector. ProLogic is an experienced and reliable partner enabling school systems to deliver 21st-century technology solutions. We understand that education is the driving force of a changing world. We are supporting classrooms, schools and districts around the country as schools adopt interactive whiteboards, BYOD/1to1 programs and expand cloud-based initiatives.

From K-12 institutions through higher learning establishments, we seek to provide the technological amenities that transform classrooms, improves communication and enables administrators to focus on the leadership required to implement innovative solutions.

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ProLogic understands the unique complexities of the retail industry and how technology can promote an efficient and successful workplace. With years of experience implementing 21st-century point-of-sale, display screen and kiosk technologies, we provide modern solutions to our retail-based customers that put you ahead of the game.

Understanding that customers and employees give your technology a daily beating, we offer custom warranty and break-fix services specific to your business needs and provide a cost-effective alternative to cumbersome and costly onsite plans.
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Now more than ever, the healthcare industry relies on vast technological systems to provide comprehensive health services. With over a decade of experience providing solutions to the industry, ProLogic ITS understands the needs of healthcare institutions from efficient data systems to patient privacy.

ProLogic also supports healthcare professionals leveraging mobility solutions, ensuring that doctors, clinicians, and other staff members have critical patient data at their fingertip at all times.

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