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Whether live teaching, planning ahead and creating content for a flipped classroom model, or using your technology for remote/virtual learning, Promethean makes it easy to capture content from your classroom and share it with your students.

With the new VIEWpath Live feature, you can deliver content to students both in the classroom and those that might be learning from home using popular online meeting platforms. As we’ve recently seen, schooling is not always isolated to the classroom. When students are participating in remote learning due to blended learning models, schools closing, teachers on leave, or student absences, how do we maintain effective learning? VIEWpath® (Video Interactive Education Window) enhances remote and blended learning by making it easy to Create, Manage, and Deliver video content to students outside the classroom.

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Onfire’s digital flexibility is the answer to evolving school schedules and instructional plans. Spark LMS and digital content provides the technology and support to implement your learning model. The platform meets the learning needs of every teacher and student—from fully online options to blended classrooms and personalized learning. We customize a delivery model that fits your school needs.

While technology is transforming the future of education, outdated infrastructure for classroom technology can pose a distraction. Connection hassles and classroom delays when trying to link display systems and user devices, can lead to lost productivity and disengage students.

  • Connection hassles and can lead to lost productivity and disengaged students
  • The Intel Unite® solution enables you to share content, facilitate engagement and increase collaboration
  • The Intel Unite® solution offers a simple, secure collaboration platform that supports breadth of devices, operating systems and educational plugins

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With HoverCam, Your Remote Teaching Possibilities Are Endless:

  • Work Through Complex Math Equations and Graphs
  • View Books and Documents
  • Diagram Sentences
  • Read-Alongs
  • Conduct Science Experiments
  • Virtual Office Hours
  • Remote Tutoring
  • Mystery Skype
  • Career Tech (CTE) Demonstrations
  • and More!


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