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We believe every family and school should have a social media plan, regardless of their income or budget. That’s why we offer hundreds of free, professionally built resources, for students, educators, and parents. SmartSocial.com VIP Members get access to live workshops, bootcamps, all of the SmartSocial books on PDF, on-demand videos to keep students safe online, exclusive access to the expert Smart Social team.

As threat actors turn their focus to stealing school and student data, it’s time to learn ways in which you can shore up your cybersecurity approach. Managed Detection and Response improves threat detection monitoring and incident response capabilities via a turnkey approach to detecting threats that have bypassed other controls.

Safety Vision offers a wide variety of on-board video surveillance systems specifically engineered for tough and lasting performance in any school bus environment. Our suite of mobile video recorders ranges from rugged and durable DVRs, full high definition recorders, to Hybrid Video Recorders that support both analog and IP. We have an assortment of interior and exterior mobile-rated cameras that deliver incredibly detailed images with clear audio for reliable coverage from every angle.

All systems are equipped with wireless and cellular connectivity, and include sophisticated feature-rich software. Create the ideal video recording system and capture high quality views of on-board activity and exterior bus surroundings enhancing student and driver safety.


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